What is a NUC?

It's a mini-PC manufactured by Intel. NUC stands for next unit of computing. The acronym rhymes with "luck."

This amazing PC might be compared to a maxed-out high-powered laptop with the screen and keyboard removed. So why not just buy a laptop? With a NUC you get to configure your machine to hold the amount of content you'd prefer. When was the last time you saw a notebook with 10 terabytes (TB!) of storage and 64GB of memory?

NUCs are also incredibly portable. They can be held in one hand or carried in a handbag. Keep a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at each of your offices and carry this 4.4 by 4.6 by 1.5 inch mini-powerhouse. Or carry your NUC over to your TV or receiver and stream 4K UHD (ultra high definition) content at 60Hz. Using an additional device you can even stream 4K content (at 60Hz) to three different monitors or TV's.

Discounts, Freebies, and Warranties

Discounts: Be sure to claim your discount of $50 off the NUC of your choice! We reserve our deepest discounts for veterans and emergency responders.

Freebies: Free extra cord for your new NUC! Free backup copy of Windows 10!

Warranties: Call us for details.

Intel "Frost Canyon" NUC with 10th Generation i7 Processor - Tall (2.1 in)

Intel "Frost Canyon" NUC with 10th Generation i5 Processor - Tall (2.1 in)

NUC Ingredients

1) M.2 NVMe SSD
Unlike other companies we do not. install SATA III M.2 drives. When comparing prices between us and our competitors make sure you are selecting the NVMe M.2 drive they sell. An NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is roughly three times as fast as a standard SSD (solid state drive). For a deeper dive into the differences see this article: NVMe vs. M.2 vs. SATA III 
Solid-State Drive (SSD)
In models that end with the letter H, you can choose to use a standard 2.5" SSD as your only drive or add it as a second drive for data. An NVMe M.2 and a SATA III SSD make for lightning fast programs and data reads/writes.

2) Name-Brand RAM/Memory
Up to 64GB of either single or dual channel DDR4-2666Mhz. You configure it. Want to know more about the difference between single and dual-channel see the FAQ here.

3) Optional 2.5" Hard Drive
A great complement to an NVMe drive, we use only name-brand hard drives designed to give you years of data. If you're planning to store a lot of graphics, movies, or other large files this can be set as your data drive. Note that we will not install this drive alone. You miss more than half of the fun if you don't use a solid-state drive (SSD) of some sort.

4) Operating System
Installation of your operating system (OS) is free. All you need to do is choose the OS you want. We perform a clean install of Windows 10 and keep updating Windows until there are no more updates (on the day the computer was built). We then load all drivers and perform any firmware upgrades that may be needed. The result is that you get a NUC with NO BLOATWARE that we know was working well when it left our shop. We also use a custom designed shipping strategy that surrounds nearly the entire NUC with air pillows.

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