The NUC 11s are here and can power four 4K monitors!

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What is a NUC?

Play the video above for a quick overview of what a NUC can do and how powerful NUCs are or read on!

A NUC is a mini-PC manufactured by Intel. They are the one and only thing we sell at Tech Wizards at The Lake. NUC stands for next unit of computing. The acronym rhymes with luck, truck, or duck.

This amazing PC might be compared to a maxed-out high-powered laptop with the screen and keyboard removed. So why not just buy a laptop? With a NUC you get to configure your machine to hold the amount of content you'd prefer. When was the last time you saw a notebook with 10 terabytes (TB!) of storage and 64GB of memory?

NUCs are incredibly portable. They can be held in one hand or carried in a handbag. Keep a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at each of your offices and carry this 4.4 by 4.6 by 2.1 inch mini-powerhouse back and forth. Or carry your NUC over to your TV or receiver and stream 4K UHD (ultra high definition) content at 60Hz. Using an additional device you can even stream 8K content or three or four different monitors at 4K 6Hz depending on what model you

Consider the fact that the gap between laptops and "desktops" has been getting smaller for the last several years and how easy it is to connect to the NUC.

Meet the next generation of Intel technology

Like nothing ever before.

Legendary performance. Striking size.

Like nothing you've ever seen before, we're introducing immersive graphics and commanding performance, all in one device.

Our Promises to You

"UPGRADES FOR LIFE": We automatically enroll your NUC in this one-of-a-kind program. Tech Wizards at The Lake provides FREE LABOR for any upgrade to your memory, NVMe/M.2, or 2.5" SATA III drive. All you pay for is shipping (both directions). We are also a Gold Level Intel Technology Partner, so you know you can trust our product. And we take great pride in offering “old-school” customer service.

UPGRADE FRIENDLY: We install single-channel memory (one slot filled) in all configurations that are less than 64GB. Though this results in the NUC running a few milliseconds slower, which few people notice, it means you only need to buy another stick of memory, if/when you decide to upgrade, rather than having to buy two new sticks. If you prefer to have your machine configured with dual-channel memory just send us a message and order directly from us. We will gladly accommodate you.

NO BLOATWARE: We manually perform a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit (license included in the price), and load all necessary drivers. We also download Windows updates up to the day we ship the NUC to you or to Amazon for them to fulfill with Prime. Finally, we record serial numbers for the NUC and all its components. This way of operating gives us (and you)confidence that your computer is in good working condition before we ship it.

Compelling Technology

There is truly no comparison. The NUC 11 has it all.

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