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Meet the next generation of Intel technology

Wall Street Canyon (NUC 12 Pro)

NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing. It's Intel's line of mini-pcs that packs a major punch. For example, the NUC 11 (with an 11th generation processor) can easily drive video on up to four 4K monitors!* This amazing PC might be compared to a maxed-out high-powered laptop without the screen, keyboard, and mouse. So why not just buy a laptop? With a NUC you get to configure your machine to hold the amount of content you'd prefer. When was the last time you saw a notebook with 10 terabytes (TB!) of storage and 64GB of memory? A NUC can pull that off easily.

NUCs are also more portable than a laptop. They can be held in one hand or carried in a handbag. Keep a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at each of your offices and carry this 4.4" by 4.6" by 2.1" mini-powerhouse back and forth. There's even a 1.5" tall version! Gamers can now carry their NUC to their friends' house(s) and plug right into a television. You can stream 4K UHD (ultra high definition) content at 60Hz. Using an additional device you can even stream 8K content.

Also, when was the last time your desktop computer actually sat on your desktop? Now, you can have a genuine desktop that very likely does more than your current 20+inch tall computer. It can even be hidden behind your screen because it comes with a VESA mount.

NUCs are designed to run 24/7, so you can leave it on without worrying that anything is going to go wrong. No need to run all kinds of updates and antivirus scans before you can start using your computer.

In short, Intel's NUC line has it all!

*Requires USB-C to HDMI or USB-C to DisplayPort adapters.

Who are We and Why Does Our Price List Look So Strange?

We are a small, family-owned business located at The Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We only sell NUCs and have been doing so on Amazon since January 2019. Check out our reviews there, and you'll see that we do things right! We're also a Gold Level Intel Partner Alliance member with the same promises, guarantees, and products as we offer on all NUCs we sell in any marketplace (only at alower price.)

We use rounded numbers to make it's easy for you to see what you're paying for your NUC and each component. After that, we apply an instant rebate to your NUC. We also provide free shipping, while asking you to pay for insurance, and signature confirmation. These discounts bring the total cost of your NUC down below the prices we charge in certain marketplaces.

In a world where you sometimes don't get what you pay for it's nice to know you're paying a reasonable price for the highest quality components.

We are also very much "pro-small business" and offer even deeper discounts to those who choose us as their vendor or those who are making quantity purchases. We LOVE hearing where our NUCs are and that for which they are being used.

Price List (before discount) for ALL Components
Sold by Tech Wizards at The Lake LLC
Operating System Price
Windows 10 Home $130.00
Windows 10 Pro $150.00
Windows 11 Home $130.00
Windows 11 Pro $150.00
Ubuntu $25.00
None $0.00
Third Generation PCIe NVMe Drives for Standard version of all NUCs
500GB Samsung 980 M.2 NVMe SSD $100.00
1TB Samsung 980 M.2 NVMe SSD $150.00
2TB Samsung 980 M.2 NVMe SSD $250.00
Fourth Generation PCIe NVMe Drives for Premium version of all NUCs
500GB Samsung 980 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD $150.00
1TB Samsung 980 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD $200.00
2TB Samsung 980 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD $300.00
"Premium Elite" Drives - Samsung's newest line (run cooler and faster)
1TB Samsung  990PRO M.2 NVMe SSD $250.00
2TB Samsung 990 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD   $350.00
Samsung DDR4-3200Mhz RAM (Max for all NUCs is 64GB)
4GB $25.00
8GB $50.00
16GB $100.00
32GB $150.00
64GB $300.00
2.5" SATA Drives (Fit in 4.4 X 4.6 X 2.1 "Tall" NUCs
2TB Mechanical Westen Digital (spinning) Hard Drive $100.00
1TB "Ram's tongue" 860 QVO SSD $100.00
2TB "Ram's tongue" 870 QVO SSD $200.00
4TB Western Digital Blue SSD $350.00
8TB "Ram's tongue" 870 QVO SSD $650.00

We Want You to Get the NUC You Want

UPGRADES FOR LIFE: We automatically enroll your NUC in this one-of-a-kind program. Tech Wizards at The Lake provides FREE LABOR for any upgrade to your memory, NVMe/M.2, or 2.5" SATA III drive. All you pay for is discounted shipping both directions, and the component(s). We'll even share our discount for the components. For those who don't want to let go of their data, we understand. We will walk you through the upgrade(s) via the phone or with a video.

TWO "LINES" OF EACH NUC: We ONLY usecomponents produced by the world's leading manufacturer of solid state technology, Samsung. However, they currently manufacter third and fourth generation drives, which work very well for the average user. That results in us having two versions of each NUC. lines of NVMe drives available for all but one size drive and the NUC 11 and above will make use of either one's capabilities. An analogy that may help is that you might consider a NUC with a 3rd generation NVMe to be like a Toyota and a NUC with a 4th generation drive to be like a Lexus. Many people will be perfectly happy with the Toyota, but a few might want the Lexus, particularly gamers who buy one of our gaming NUCs.

AS MENTIONED ABOVE: We are a Gold Level Intel Technology Partner, so you know you can trust our product. And we take great pride in offering “old-school” customer service.

UPGRADE FRIENDLY: We suggest you purchase only one module of RAM if you're buying a NUC that has less than 64GB. Even though this results in the NUC running a second or so slower, few people notice. However, if you decide to upgrade, at some point, you only need to buy another stick of memory rather than having to buy two new sticks. (We'll even do the upgrade for free or walk you through the process.) If you prefer to have your machine configured with dual-channel memory be sure to order two modules.

NO BLOATWARE: We manually perform a clean installation of Windows and load all updates, so you only get what Microsoft loads on with a clean install. We also download Windows updates up to the day we ship the NUC to you. You will be ready to go, right out of the box.

FINALLY, we save an Intel report that tells exactly which components are in your computer; and we record serial numbers for the NUC and all its components. You can consider us your filing cabinet if you need proof of purchase for anything.

Legendary performance! Miniscule size.

Like nothing you've ever seen before! Intel is committed to immersive graphics and commanding processing performance, all in one TINY device.

Top-Tier Components

At Tech Wizards at The Lake we use ONLY the best components for our NUCs, including Samsung RAM, NVMe SSDs, and 2.5" SSDs. They are considered the world's leader in solid state technology. The only two items that come from a different manufacturer are the hard drive option (WD) and the 4TB SSD.

To keep things simple and straightforward we use even numbers in our prices. To the left you may view the prices for the components we install in the NUCs we build. They are the same for all the NUCs we build. Notice that there are no tricks or gimmicks in this pricing list. Grab a pencil and paper and add what you're spending. The real fun comes when you see your instant rebate for your entire NUC once you place it in your card. Be sure to click through to your cart to see your instant rebates and final total.

We reserve the right to offer our deepest discounts (aka best instant rebates) to active military, veterans, first-responders, those in the medical field, etc. If you qualify for any of these please be sure to call, email, or chat with us.

Why am I getting an allowance?Rather than forcing you into one or two options for shipping we provide a $35.00 allowance that pays for UPS Ground, insuring your package and signature confirmation. This brings the total lower than our prices on Amazon but also allows you to choose a faster form of shipping if you'd like.

Be sure to click through to your cart to see the two discounts you will receive. Then, feel free to search the internet for lower prices that use the top-tier components we do. If you find a lower price let us know, and we will try to match it.

Compelling Technology

Things our owner hates!

You'll find that we are a different sort of company. "Old school" is one way to say it, but clicking the button below will tell you more.

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Ask us a question about anything that has to do with the NUCs we sell, and we will get back with you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. If we don't respond within that time we will send you a $5.00 Amazon gift card.