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PREMIUM i7 Panther Canyon (NUC11PAHi70001)

This is our PREMIUM version of the Panther Canyon i5 iteration. The difference between it and the standard version is that the drive options for the premium version are all 4th generation PCIe NVMe, primarily built for gaming. However, the Panther Canyon uses either 3rd or 4th generation drives, and the drives offered for the premium version make the NUC more "peppy."  The third generation drive will work well. Please pay careful attention to the ports as there are a couple of differences between the Panther and Tiger Canyons. One of them is that this NUC has a 3.5mm jack for audio in and out. In the table below you will find a 

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Also note: Insurance and signature confirmation are required because we hate to think of  a NUC costing over $1000.00 sitting on someone's front porch. However, if you ask for a discount code (either through email, chat, or on the phone) your discount will cover this cost.